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alpha seven (Pete Roberts) is an electronic musician and occasional ambient DJ. He combines field recordings with hardware and software synths (including 'home-made' Reaktor ones). Sofacom is the record label.

New album 30 October 2020

illustration of ziggurats under yellow sky

Clear Skies and Satellites

Available from online stores/streaming platforms such as: Spotify
Limited edition CD available from Bandcamp
Mostly recorded during lockdown, ten tracks in total:
  1. Watching for satellites
  2. Perugia mini metro
  3. Crystal Palace
  4. Cat-like typing detected
  5. A socially-distanced arrangement of chords
  6. Letting go
  7. Under a Norfolk sky
  8. Horology
  9. Call sign
  10. Lasdun

Says Pete:

This was recorded mostly during 2020 - in those strange time-distorted months in lockdown - less pollution and clearer skies, weird dreams, people finding nature and open spaces, looking out for each other, video calls largely sabotaged by cats - it seemed unreal, bizarre, terrifying yet hopeful.
Some tracks are inspired by memories of Norfolk - the beach at Thornham, or the ziggurats at UEA. And some by infrastructure, architecture or the high-energy antics of Reg the studio cat.
And some started from short samples from old cassette demos I found in a box - just doing my bit for recycling.
I've gone way more ambient towards the end of the album, I think in search of something calmer, possibly seeking a musical antidote to pandemic stress.

Comments on previous alpha seven releases

  • "Beautiful, beautiful stuff" - Gideon Coe BBC 6 Music
  • "It's lovely" - Full album review from Electronic Sound
  • "Warm, quirky and strangely moving" - The Musician magazine
  • "Stone cold classic" - Electronic Sound

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On this site you can browse the back catalogue, find out about the ambient SOFA club and the sofacom project and a little about Testcard F. We also host the A-Z of Norwich bands which Pete set up in 1994.

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