30 June 2022

Norwich band Souled Out

The Norwich Souled Out are an eight-piece soul and Motown band playing the music of sixties artists such as Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, the Temptations, and so on. They're likened to The Commitments, the band from the film of the same name, but with the advantage of three girl singers.

Their slogan is 'The sound of true soul music with a funky edge.' The band are: Jyl Bailey (lead vocals), Jayne Sayer (vocals and solos), Christine Davison (vocals and solos), Dave Solomon (guitar), Mark Pardoe (sax), John Davison (keyboard), John Lawson (bass) and Les Woodland (drums). The band is drawn from all over Norfolk and plays all over East Anglia.
This information provided in October 2000

July 2006 We have been asked to point out that the name "Souled Out" was patented in 1993 by another band. So if you came here looking for Souled Out you can find them at www.souledoutshowband.com.

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