30 June 2022


Formed in 1992. Line-up consists of two anonymous members, one based Norwich,one in New York. Assisted by a DJ and a singer when necessary.

Publicity campaigns: original demo tapes dressed up as letterbombs includingticking digital watches, wires etc. (Scotland Yard not amused); pasting speechbubbles saying "uxb!" onto bill posters of Janet Jackson, PJ Harvey etc; "uxb"stickers on London Underground posters warning not to leave bags unattended...

Debut release on Noisebox Records dance 12" (NBX001) released April 1993.Track called "Sexy Satie" appropriating Erik Satie's "Trois Gymnopedies"melody to techno beat. 12" now sold out. Cassette featuring four mixes oftrack also sold out. Ambient mix from cassette also on "Under Wild EastAnglian Skies" tape compilation by EP Magazine.

Two extremely ambient tracks by UXB appear on the "Mechanical Paradise"compilation CD on Noisebox Records (NBX007)

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