30 June 2022

The Veil

The link on this page is to a video shot of The Veil in Manchester, in 1988, miming to the title track of their album, The Best Days of Our Lives which they'd just released. It transpired that a few weeks later, the producers of the video were exposed on BBC TV's That's Life, apparently ripping bands off by not actually giving them a finished video of their performance, after enthusiastically accepting their hard earned cash in payment. The Veil were perhaps lucky to come away with any video at all. Says Chris Gray (drummer)It took over twenty takes to get it right and looking at it now we should've spent twenty more stabs at it, ah well, that's showbiz…..!!!! Rock 'n Roll.

Band website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9xO6vfhq10

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