30 June 2022

Who's The Band

Who's The Band have been around a bit. Only not as Who's The Band until a year or so ago, since the three members of the group have played for more groups than I care to remember. Hi-Tec, Denim, ... you name it, one of them has probably played for it at some point.

Comprising a keyboard, a guitar and a drum kit that has to be seen to be believed (all electronic, all black, very expensive but incredibly nice), the three chaps have that magic kind of harmony that sounds absolutely fab when covering stuff like Extreme's More Than Words or Crowded House's Weather With You.

Who's The Band can generally be seen at the more financially comfortable pubs in Norwich, mainly because they charge a bit more than your average pub band. But they're worth it, as they're far better than your average pub band. Well worth a listen.

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Last updated: Sat, October 28th, 2000