30 June 2022

Halcyon Days

Line-up: Mike FitzGerald (vox/guitar), Dave Bennett (lead guitar), Guy Cochrane (piano/keys), Andrew Smith (bass), Damian Watson (drums; Watson originally played bass but switched when original drummer Dominic Goldberg left). Halcyon Days played regularly at UEA and in Tombland from 1989-92, played at the Radio 1 Norwich Sound City festival at the Waterfront and featured on both 'Shoot The Canary' CDs, with 'Run To Ground' and 'Lessons In Survival'. Original material was written mainly by FitzGerald and Bennett.

"We had a bit of an identity crisis," says Watson. "There aren't too many successful pop-prog-jazz-fusion bands and we were never going to buck the trend. Fun, though, and the guys could play."

FitzGerald and Watson went on to record an album as Barketta - www.barketta.co.uk - in 2005. "It was more acoustic and much simpler than Halcyon Days," Watson says. "A couple of the songs had their roots in HD songs, though, which was nice, as we have fond memories of our time in Norwich. We're going to do another album and might rope the others in."

Thanks to Damian Watson for the info - www.damianwatson.com

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