30 June 2022


The band consisted of:
  • Mike Oliver: Guitar and Vocals
  • Steve Garner: Guitar
  • Paul Stanley: Bass
  • Tony Barnard (also of Red Harvest): Drums
  • Julian Siegel: Alto Sax
  • Patrick: Tenor Sax
  • Lulu: Backing Vox
  • Claire Jones: Backing Vox
They gigged from 85-86 and played with the likes of Red Harvest. Gee Mr Tracy, Sneakin Suspicion and the Nivens. They also supported indie headliners such as Fuzzbox, The Redskins and The Mighty Lemon Drops.

The sound could be described as Dexys meets Costello meets too much drink.

They recorded an EP worth of songs and featured on the seminal 7 Deadly Sins Norwich Compilation of 85. The signature tune was called "I'm 2 Damn Gorgeous (to be wasted on a silly little bitch like you)" which endeared them to the very large feminist community of the time who nevertheless continued to attend all their gigs.

Mike is still making music (see www.glorywood.co.uk), as is Julian (see www.juliansiegel.com). Steve is something in the city, Claire is big in Radio 4 and Paul is a Norwich headmaster.

Mike was also in Window Test with Gary on bass and the late, great Martin Henry on vocals.

Thanks to Mike Oliver for the information

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