30 June 2022

Den of Iniquity

Den of Iniquity were originally founded by Sam Reece (drums) and Adam Penny (guitars) in 2000 after several years of jamming together. Over the years they added Fred White (bass) and Marty Harley (guitars).

After several vocalists coming and going they discovered Jimi Nix. After 20 years in the military and performing/jamming with various original/covers bands over the years he finally had the freedom to expand his horizons. With the Den finally being complete they have created a great sounding outfit performing heavy metal, with a sometimes pop feel and occasional punky influence. Their varying influences from punk to metal have melded into great riffs, thundering drums, solid bass, and soaring vocals.

A&R reps take notice! We're about to welcome you to our Den of Iniquity.

Band website not yet up and running.

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