30 June 2022

The Legendary Gazelles

The Legendary Gazelles were formed during 1985 for a one off gig at the Turgid Lemming talent contest. Failure at that prestigous event did not put them off and they started gigging the Norwich circuit. The music was described by one member of the band as POWER POP, the rest fell about laughing but could not think of anything better. For about four years they played various gigs around Norwich (Including The GSA, The Jacquard, Norwich Arts Centre, The Kings Head, The Bill Wilson room). During this time the band coffers swelled enough for three recording sessions, a video shot by a friend, and many curry nights.

The band never gigged outside of their native Norwich, but had many good reviews in the local press (and one bad one from Baz McHat of the Wilde Club). Possibly the highlight of their career was a few mentions by John Peel on his (much missed) radio Norfolk show. The band split in 1989 due to geographical differences. It was rumoured that the band would be doing a reunion gig in April 1994, but the guitarist had to go to a conference in Grenoble.


  • Stuart Harrad - Guitar and Vocals
  • Dave Stevens - Guitar
  • Steve Oates - Bass
  • Ian Alexander - Drums

Band website: www.legendarygazelles.co.uk

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