30 June 2022

Canis Strange

The band was actually in two phases, the first was at and after Paston School 1976-79. The second phase was after a reunion gig at The Crown (Sheringham) in 1985, when Nigel Digby, Ian Burrage and Katie Sylvester continued with the band name.

They played mostly originals in a style that would later be termed "britpop", and therefore were hopelessly ahead of their time! Gigged in Norwich, Yarmouth and elsewhere 1986-92, Chris Peters taking over from Katie on bass when she moved to Cambridge. In 1992 the lineup changed to include Piers on bass, and they had one gig as "Blade Runner" at what used to be The Lawyer.

The negative reception to the heavier selection of cover versions caused them to throw in the towel!

Subsequently, Nigel's joined a cover band "Razor Sharp", and since 1994 has been gigging, mostly in North Norfolk, but occasionally in Norwich. Supported Doctor Feelgood at their last three Norwich gigs, the most recent one being at The Waterfront.

Thanks to Nigel for the info.

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