30 June 2022


Formed in Norwich by Andrew Hackett, rode on the wave of 60s oriented jangle pop. Relocated to London leaving half the band behind. After his departure the band became a trio described as art metal.


  • Birthquake e.p 1990 eve recordings
  • Perambulator e.p 1990 eve recordings
  • Tantrum l.p 1991 eve recordings
Members from all incarnations
  • Andrew Hackett - guitar and vocals [18 yellow roses, Fountain of love, The love explosion] also The rockingbirds, Edwin collins and now runs a guitar shop in Denmark street, London
  • Vic Kemlicz - bass and guitar [The morags, Bite] and Skyscraper
  • Chin Keeler - drums [Laugh away rain, The ordinaires, The avons] also Empire of sponge
  • Sean Reid - vocals [The love explosion] also The rocking birds, Beth Orton band
  • Debbie - vocals
  • Karen Hill - vocals [ Heave]
  • Duncan Brown - bass, Stereolab, Billie Mahonie
  • Micky Married - guitar [Popular Voice, The Reindeers, Heave]
  • Murph - vocals
  • Vic Steele - drums

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