30 June 2022

The Flygarricks

The Flygarricks officially formed in the summer of 2001, drawn together by a musical common ground called the Blues. Although the first two years were condensed into summer-long writing and recording sessions, The Flygarricks produced two demo tapes, recorded at Purple Studios and later, in summer 2003, with Dave Pye in a farmhouse attic. These recordings proved to be successful, as The Flygarricks secured interest from Impro Management and received radio play on Kevin Greening’s XFM Unsigned, with those same attic recordings. The Flygarricks also began their live shows in 2003, beginning in April at The Brewery in Oulton Broad, passing through at the Ferryboat in Norwich, and reaching the Highbury Garage by only their fifth gig.

Since then The Flygarricks have played more London and Norwich shows, including the Rocket, Royal Holloway University, Camden Underworld, and a return to The Garage.

Each member of The Flygarricks attended Sir John Leman High School in Beccles, but it was only after leaving school that the band started to make moves towards forming a group. The shared appreciation of musical genres such as Jazz, Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Punk and Reggae prompted the band to start jamming together. These diverse influences, coupled with the mutual adoration of Blues music, drove The Flygarricks to create a sound that was unique.

At the time of writing (June 2004) The Flygarricks are currently writing their debut album.

You can e-mail The Flygarricks at flygarricks@hotmail.com

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