30 June 2022

Rush Me Under

Rush Me Under formed in 1991 as a four piece vocals, guitar, bass & drums, intent on creating an indie/punk sound, aiming for great things. Early songs were led by metal bass riffs with loud, distorted feedback guitar sounds and snarling punk vocals. Line up changes, including the replacement of the drummer with a drum machine, introduced a more textured pop sound. Played numerous gigs, including the UEA LCR, Waterfront, Norwich Arts Centre & Ipswich Hollywoods, banned from several pubs and recorded a couple of demo tapes at Purple Rain studios. Split up late 1994 due to arguments, apathy and the infamous 'musical differences'.


  • Danny Chaplin - vocals, 'occasional' guitar
  • Colin Jenkinson - guitar
  • Loz Orr - bass
  • A drum machine - drums
Recordings The First Glance - Demo recorded at Purple Rain studio by Paddy in 1992. 4 Punk/rock/bass-heavy tracks including - Ramswami, Aerial, White Psych and Zana.

Freakshow - Demo recorded at Purple Rain studio by Hammy in 1993. Pop meets punk, more textured sound. Songs are Zana, The Illusion, Ocean, Geek Scene, Israehell.

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