30 June 2022


Pearl are Rob Kelly (Vocals) and Carl Day (Guitar) and new recruits Ed Smith (Bass) and Lisa Bush (Vocals). Rob and Carl originally started writing together in 2001 but due to a relocation to London the band was put on hold. Within a couple of years they ended up living within 20 miles of each other and Pearl was formed in December 2003.

Feeling good about what was being written, they decided to go full time and spend the early part of 2004 writing and recording what would eventually make up the their first e.p "With You" 50 limited edition copies were printed and promptly sold.

From May 2004 onwards Pearl have been playing select acoustic shows and have continued the writing process leading up to their first full length recording scheduled for the winter of 2005.

Pearl have been rehearsing with some of the finest musicians, roped in as and when available in the build up to their first record. Recording started in May 05 with a view to finishing before the end of Xmas 05.

Band website: www.pearlmusic.co.uk

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