30 June 2022


Pete Sottrel writes: We were going from 1985 to 1991, in Norwich from our inception to 1988, then in Bristol.

We were punk, in the loosest sense of the word. First gig was supporting Fuzzbox at the NAC. Our guitarist was so drunk he had to be carried onto the stage, and the singer had his mic threaded through a baseball glove, and proceeded to pick fights in the audience. Nerve-wracking.

What is that pub almost next to the Louis Marchesi with a basement in it? Anyhow, we were banned from there after our singer spent a lot of a show intimidating Helen of the Decadent Herbs and I was dancing on tables with my bass.

We used to play with Kaisers Advisers, Gee Mr Tracy, Decadent Herbs and Gudvil.

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