30 June 2022


  • Tim Armishaw - Lead Vocals and Guitar
  • Neil MacNab - Lead Guitar and Vocals
  • Kieran Frizzel - Violin and Viola
  • Sharon Stone - Vocals
  • Tiffany Lacey - Vocals
  • Chris Phillips - Bass
  • Tim Dew - Drums

Doomweasel is a comedy rock band, influenced by the likes of The Bonzo Dog Band, Frank Zappa, Tom Lehrer, Robyn Hitchcock, Led Zeppelin, The Wombles, Queen, Frank Sinatra, The Goodies, and Star Trek (both the original series, and 'The Next Generation', but emphatically not 'Deep Space Nine').

Ther set is made up of mostly original material performed with the kind of maniacal enthusiasm and hysteria only associated with book burnings, Ken Russell films, and American advertisements of the "Bob's Car Yard" variety. With song titles like "Grandma is a bride of Satan", "Then you went and exploded", and "I've got the clingfilm, if you've got the custard", they do their damndest to make to make people laugh and dance, as they put their own idiosyncratic spin on many different musical styles including rock, heavy metal, folk, rockabilly, and 30's jazz and blues.

They think they're pretty unique, but then they would; more significantly, those who have experienced the bizarre world of Doomweasel also seem to think they're an act worth seeing again and again.

Doomweasel made their debut at Bruce Lacey's Solstice Festival in 1994. Since then they have played numerous gigs in Norwich and much further afield.

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