about sofacom and alpha seven..

alpha seven: electronic music

Pete was originally a member of Norwich band Testcard F in the 1980s but has been releasing solo material sporadically since the mid 1990s. The name alpha seven happened to be a posh CD player he had in the 1990s and co-incidentally the name of Barbarella's spaceship.

SOFA: music, ambience, art & stuff

SOFA was the club night that inspired all this. It all started around 1993 when Pete started doing some unusual DJ/ambient installations with DJ Reg Tubby at The Waterfront in Norwich - Brian Eno mixed in with live cricket commentary from the World service through an echo machine - that sort of thing.

DJ Reg Tubby behind a desk at the Waterfront
DJ Reg Tubby setting up for the first SOFA outing at The Waterfront

Seriously snoozy, these all night sets mixed lounge and electronica with 1970s video games through a video projector. This turned into the SOFA club, a unique event for those times with board games, ambient music, live acts, art installations, drinks delivered to your table and they'd turn the music down if people said it was too loud.

When Pete and Reg moved to London and Sheffield respectively it proved kind of difficult keeping a weekly event going in Norwich - so the SOFA club nights have not happened for a long time. However, Reg is back in Norwich and Pete is probably daft enough to travel up for it so it is entirely possible this might start up again..

Sofacom: record label

Sofacom is the small spin-off record label Pete launched which releases intermittently.


You can get in touch with via the links at the foot of the page or you can email Pete Roberts at info@sofacom.co.uk

Sofacom is currently based in vibrant SE London tho' there is a historical connection with vibrant Norwich, so you'll also find the A-Z of Norwich bands which we still maintain as an interesting piece of web history.

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