9 August 2022

The A-Z of Norwich bands

Norwich is a fairly compact city so you might expect the music scene to be of similarly limited dimensions. It's therefore a whopping surprise to encounter the sprawling, many tentacled, multi dimensional, madly talented thing that is the Norwich music monster. The number and indeed the scope of bands with a link to Norwich quite defies belief.

Is it still 2020?

I'm still updating this so feel free to send bands for inclusion (but it does take a week or so for me to get around to updating it)
Send an email to info @ sofacom.co.uk with the name of the band, web site address and a one line description. If the band doesn't have a web site then send a couple of lines about them.

Latest additions

HOOK - synth rock/pop band first gigged in 2019
Electric Storm - 5-piece rock active from 1974-80
Scarlet - Promising early 1990s indie

The big list

4D Jones
5150 - late 80's early 90's heavy rock covers band
59 Reasons
Abbababes - tribute band (can you guess to whom)
The Aborts - late 70s / early 80s punk
The Acme Blues Company - original R and B in the early 1990s
Action Jacks
Adenland - Blues/rock originals and covers
Adrenochrome - dark metal with samples
The Afterburners - formed for a summer with players from The Four Stanleys plus others
The Afterthought - Quirky guitar and synth duo now based in Norwich
Agent Orange - Modern pop & rock covers, with a bit of Marxist/Leninist Gardeners World Funk (so I'm told)
Airbridge - early 80's - progrock
Algae Bloom - screamo
Alice - mid 80s Norwich scene
All Cats are Grey
All Mighty Whispers
alpha seven - creator of Great Lift Journeys of Norwich
Alto 45 - lo fi pop
Angel - 1997/1997 formerly Slinky Minx
The Angels - 1970's to 80's heavy rock. Played Reading festival in 82, supported Iron Maiden a number of times
Army of one
Atomic - Six piece function band covering classic tracks from funk and soul to modern rock and pop
Avid - Sampled downbeat drumloops and soulful vocals
Axis - 70's band
The Badger Famine - slightly barking three piece - recommended!
Michael Bailey - gigging up and coming singer songrwiter
Bang goes my stereo - later to become the Farmers Boys
Baptism of Fire
The Bardots
Basti - late 1980s / early 90s - big, noisy and exciting - released an album and string of 12" singles
Batteries not included - one man electronic covers act from up the road in Cromer
Bearsuit - new album out in 2010 - yay
The Beef - blink covers and original (split at end of 2004)
Bejebus - original indie/synth/rock
The Bell - edgy indie/alternative
Benn's little rebellion - heavy grunge
Phil Betts
Big and Beautiful - featuring Neil Dyer of Screen Three amongst others
Big Bang Theory - later became The Midfield Generals and then Starfish
The Big picture
The Big Slinky - ecelectic, funky porn groove rock
BIGSISTER - covers of classic songs from female artists
Bird - original material and covers from Blondie to Led Zeppelin
The Birmingham International - genre crossing funk
Bizzumble - bizarre folk thing - late 90s
Black Shuck - Norwich garage rock
Blag - ska core gangster punk from Norwich and North Walsham
Blind Tiger - 80's rock - covers and originals
Blister - indie-rock covers and original material
Blue Bamboo - formed from The Rezistors and Little Icaria when various members left for college
Bob Hope to die
The Bondage Boys
Boomerang - early nineties outfit
Boys will be boys - 1984 - 1994 Distinctive pop - glam rock covers band
Break It Gently
Bright Spark - 60s-style harmony rock'n'roll trio - original material and covers
Bring the thunder - energetic rock
Bronte Brothers
Ray Brower - likened to a bass driven guitar implosion in a shadowy nightclub and LCD sound system meets The Fall
The Brownies - tuneful irresistible punk excellence
The Browning version
Bucket - young ska rockers with 2 EPs under their belts already
Roger Bunn
Buster James - rocking East Anglia since the late seventies
Canis Strange - Britpop before it was called Britpop
Capitalist Music - Circa 1980 - new wave rock/pop
Captain Swing - early 80s indie pop - seemingly re-emerging...
Caramel Funk
Carl Gustav and the 84's - new-wave rock/punk - an early 80's incarnation of the Kamikaze Pilots
Cary Grant's Wedding
Cassus - screamo
Catherine Wheel
Caz Carnaby 5 - Amazing lounge pop around in the late eighties
Celtica - 7 piece psychedelic techno folk band
The Chase
Chasing Red - accurate pop rock covers and energetic originals
Simon Chatterton - Currently in the Aftershave, Simon was in the seminal Norwich group - The Higsons.
Chibber - rock - and fun
The Chief Lickers
Childe - 70's band
Children of The Revolution
The Chocolate Fireguards
Choked on a worm
Cineclub - guitar indie - well worth a listen
The Claire Barker band - soul, disco, funk
Cleaving Heevages - entertaining, tongue in cheek musical madness
Clench - ska, punk and serious rock N roll
The Clynics - Circa 1978-1980
The Collective - 7 piece, classic and contemporary soul, funk and rock covers
Compact Pussycat - four piece female pop punk - loved by the Damned and the Skulls
Console wars - dark synth indie pop
Cord - rock music in a Muse/Radiohead vein
Cortez - inventive indie rock four piece
The Council of Ancients - goth/indie from Wymondham college in late 80s
The Crabs - all female outfit - Peel Session around 1983
Crow - early incarnation of the Buster James band
CTHRU27 - Lowestoft / London based alternative experimental Hip - Rock
Culverhouse - acoustic three piece
Cydonia - Heavy Metal from The Fine City
D-void - Beccles/Lowestoft-based metal
d.p.f. - (son records) respected mc and mover and shaker in the hiphop scene
Dance Naked - Dance Naked were formed by Adventures in Reality editor and Stress co-founder Alan Rider and Garden of Delight's Kleo Kay in late 1986 after both bands split.
The Darkness - ok - they're from down the road in Lowestoft but these glam rockers ooze quality
Days of power - classic rock band
Dead Red - Femme-fronted hard rock
Dead Stars - infectious elements of emo, hardcore, pop punk and ska
Decadent Herbs
Deep switch
def tex - hip hop since 1987
Defective machine - young heavy metal band with influences from machine head, avenged sevenfold and metallica
DEKOY - - mix ska and punk with a little bit of rock
Delta Radio
Den of Iniquity - heavy metal with pop and punk influences
Cathy Dennis - early 90s popster - now a writer of number ones for other artists
Des Lynam Allstars
Deviant - 1987-91 power/thrash metal
Deviator - late 70s / early 80s
Dig those heels - circa 1985-87 - formed by Fez (Fire Hydrant Man) and Kevin Revell (4D Jones)
Digital Bitch - 1983-1986 Heavy Rock act playing Festival House and Whites
Digital Frog
Digital Snakes
The Disrupters
Dissolute youth - early 80s costessy snotty punk
The Divide - original rock playing around Norwich and Norfolk
The Dizzy Sharks - mid 80's indie
DJ78 - One man, a suit, two wind-up gramophones and a collection of 78s. Genius
Doctor Fondle and his love unlimited orchestra
Dr Stick - 80s synthpop trio
Dr. Space Toad
Eat The Survivors
Eat the peach - mid 80s (formerly Last of the midnight gardeners)
Terry Edwards - Former Higsons member and now a solo artist
Eighteen Yellow Roses
Electric Storm - 5-piece rock active from 1974-80
The Elephants - mid to late eighties pop/rock outfit often seen at Premises (NAC)
The Elevators - classic four piece covers from the 60s to the 90s
Endless Drone - around from 1990 - 1993 - mix between Grunge and Shoegazing/Indie stuff of the day
Endoka - post hardcore with progressive influences
English Electric
The Era - guitar rock
Eva Valve
excel - short lived electronic pop in the early 90s
F*ck dress - alternative weird compelling and interesting with a somewhat rude name
Fabulous Kitchenware
Face 1st - rock blues and boogie
Faceless - big beats from big blokes - run Club Fatboy
Faintest idea - a punk rock band from the lovely county of Norfolk
Faith - slightly mad rock - originals and covers
The Fallen Ideal - Alternative / Emo / Post Hardcore
Fallen Ikarus - four piece rock covers
The Falling Men - early 80's band, big on synth
Fantasia - seven piece, Beccles-based function band
The Farmers Boys - Norwich's most famous pop combo?
Fat Alice / Poontang - featured probably the greatest local guitarist of his era, Bob Walker. 70's -90's Hendrix, ZZ Top, Blues
Feersum Enjin
Fetish11 - North Walsham mix of punk rock/post hardcore
Fickle Youth - 3 piece punk
Fiel Garvie
The Filter Queens - Fran Glendiing and Jon Baker (Neutrinos)
The Finals
The Fire Hydrant Men featuring The Fabulous Fezettes
The Fire Thieves
Fireball XL5 - rockabilly excellence
Firehouse 7 - mid 80s
Firewire - rock covers band
First family of f*ck
Fishermans Friends - jokey 'folk' singers
flickatheswitch - five piece riffing trumpet blowing ska-core from within the city walls of Norwich
Flikker - post millenium rock
The Floating Greyhounds - 1992 - present, one of Norwich's best loved Rock covers bands
The Flygarricks - rhythm and blues
Flyover - 1992-1994 -chirpy Smiths/ Buzzcocks influenced indie pop with poor dress sense
Fountain of love - early attempt at Beastie Boys style rapping and sampling
The Four Dimensional Scientists - wacky popsters in labcoats
The Four Stanleys
Fourplay - blues-rock in the style of George Thorogood, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Healey, Elmore James and others
foxholski - all-grrl band playing *alternative*
The Frame - Pretty boy rock band from the mid eighties. Like a cross between Adam and the ants and Wham! but with attitude!
Full Circle
Fully grown men - three man scratch DJ outfit - competed in world DJ finals
Garden of Delights - early 80s
Gee Mr Tracy - Pioneering techno poetry
Generator - three piece rock with ex Samson drummer Bill Fleming, originals and covers
Get Carter - formed in 2002 - female fronted rock/indie/britpop covers band
The Gift - now known as gingafuzz
gingafuzz - formerly known as the Gift - this 4 piece now have a new website with MP3s
Those Glam Rockers
Go ask Alice
God's Acre
Godburger - punk (in the loosest sense of the word) 1985-91
Golden Dawn
Goldrusha - blues classics and original material
Goober Patrol
Lee Gordon - up and coming singer/songwriter and guitarist
Gorgeous - mid 80s Dexys meets Costello
Gothic girls - early 80s
Graeme Fulchers' Electric Blues Band - late 80's early 90's
Great Dominions
The Great Outdoors
Green Beach - ~1986-90 Smiths-esque combo led by Malcolm Birtwell
GRiDLoCK - original rock
Ground Zero - mid 80's spacerock themed band, later renamed Underground Zero
Gudvil - mid eighties indie pop strangeness
Halcyon Days - A pop-prog-fusion band formed at UEA in 1989
Half cut
HalfCREAM - catch them around Norwich pubs such as the Blueberry, Brickmakers etc
HalfDrawn - five piece indie
The Halftime Oranges - formed 1993 but not up to much now (their words)!
The Happy Few - did two tracks on the Norwich a Fine City LP amongst other things
Heading For Europe - Original Garage band in the punk sense, 1982 - 1984
HEADUP - funky, heavy, hi-energy, hardcore
The Hellfire club - North Walsham early 80s drum machine goth, reminiscent of The march violets and The sisters of mercy
The Herman Herd - made up of future members of BASTI
High on the Hog - Jazz fusion with original tunes and to be honest a bit weird
High Vinyl - tuneful indie four piece with witty lyrics and acoustic leanings
The Higsons - One of the more famous Norwich bands - circa 1980
The Home Service - Experimental electronica circa 1981
The Honey Buzzards
HOOK - synth rock/pop band first gigged in 2019
Horace Goes Skiing - Catchy power pop
Horace Goes Skiing - Five best friends who grew up playing and recording music together in Great Yarmouth
Horses Brawl - experimental trio perform on Fiddle, Recorders, Crumhorn, Guitar and Cello
Hotwired - punk music
Huck - indie/rock/pop
Hunky Dory
Hunter - 70s
Icarus Vision - Melodic four piece rock from Norwich
Impact - (1984-1988) - Duran Duran meets Wham!
Indecision - rock - original material with the odd cover
independentthoughtalarm - dark stuff
The Inertia Movement
The Infinity Country Music project - Martin from Waddles new project
The Intensive breeders - early 80s punk
The Interpreters - alternative indie/power/poppish
The Ire - late 1980s / early 90s
The Israelites - electro new wave rock pop kind of thing
The Ital Selection
Itch - techno pop - early 80s
Jamma - Sunday nights at the Mischief will never be the same again . .
Jellystone - Punk pop rock covers plus a few originals since 2003
Jliat - Internationally known electronic experimentalist
Job lot of parasols - early 80s punk pub rock
The Joeys
Jomarl - acoustic - ranging from acousto hip-hop to soulful tunes
Josh Weller & the Availables - elegantly crafted pop songs
JR Hartleys - guitar pop
Ju Ju - late 70's funky bass, jangly guitar - Claire-Groganesque singer
June recruits - J jangly guitar pop
Just - raw emotion and powerful performances
The Kabeedies - irresistable punky popsters
The Kaiser's advisers - 1985 - 1988 fantastic, serious / funny punk pop - eventually became Republic.
Kaito - Norwich/Brighton quartet (eh?): noisy and tuneful at the same time
Kaleidoscope - three piece performing covers from the 40's to the present day
The Kamikaze Pilots - very odd new wave rock
Kev Kane
The Kaotixx - hardcore punk
Karma Kanix - guitar feedback maestros
Neil Keeler
Kenley's Padlock - old style rock/blues three piece
Keno Kings - original R and B since 1996
The Kickshaw
The Kickshaws
The Killer Tomatoes - punkalicious high energy fun. Think I'm turning Japanese I really think so!...
Knight Moves - wide ranging covers duo or trio
The Krazy 88 - High energy rock covers band with music from the 70's to 00's
KunK - Alternative Rock four piece hailing from the Norfolk/Suffolk border around 2002
Lapsed Pacifist
The Last men standing - covers and orginal rock from the 60s to the present
The Last Straw - hyperactive folk
Laugh away Rain - mid 80s
Laughing Out Loud
The Lee Vasey Band
Left hand of god - around 1987 - did a great version of The Passenger
The Legendary Gazelles
Lemon curve - Experimental , new wave , industrial
Lemon Tiger - Grrr - brilliant, moving and melodic - and now sadly split (2006)
The Lemons - bizarre Nivens spin-off
Lena Black Band - popular Norwich based RnB/Soul big band and singer, who founded the Rhythm Club with years of residency at the Ferry Boat Inn in the nineties. Now run the Crosswinds Barn-Rhythm Club(supporting/publicising Norwich bands/musicians)
Lena Black's 'Hokum' Swing Jazz n Blues Band - early 20's 30's 40's Red Hot Kansas City swing jazz n blues style music
Leonard - progressive rock
Let's eat grandma - pop duo with songs that will get under your skin
Let's Scare Jessica to Death - surf stuff circa 1990
Little Icaria - 80s indie band
Little Mark - blues flavoured hard rock gigging around Norwich
A Little Uneasy - semi-acoustic, jazzy, rock'n'roll, bluesy, Latin, folk-rock duo
Littlemink - alternative, experimental and quite lovely
Lizzie's Peaks - rock band
Loki - Indie rock covers (weddings/parties/events)
The Long time promise - melodic guitar rock
Lost? - punk rock/emo
The Love Explosion - circa 1985
Lucas and his Soul Band - excellent covers band
Lure Luxx
Machinable - (1996) - were mentioned in NME
The Macoys - early 80s country punk from Diss
The Mad Arabs - various members of Choked on a Worm
Madder than the inmates
Magic Folk - gorgeous contemporary folk stylings
Magic Johnson
Magoo - sonic scientists of the most playful order
Map of Tasmania - Country/Irish/Folk - covering the likes of The Pogues/Steve Earle/Waterboys/Levellers and more
Mary Jones and the sCanDal - indie punk
masterplan for failure - 4 piece from Norwich - well worth a listen
Measures - hardcore screaming punk rock with melodic elements (and is that birdsong in No More Stars)?
Mechanical Star
Melanie's Red Fleece - 60s/70s blues/rock covers band - from the Animals to the Zombies
The Mid Field Generals
Miffy and The Martians - short lived electronic pop project
Milk - 1988-1994 def beat jangle
Mind the gap
Mister Pink - Raunchy funky rocking all over East Anglia
Modest Jonny - new for 2003 - gigging in the Woolpack (Muspole St)
The Mohair Twins
Molten Vole - Rock to make you fall over
Monkeys in Human Suits - Summer 98 ambient post rock
The Morags - mid 80s' Battle of the bands winners
More Trouble with Girls - ex Silent Noise
Morty McVicar
Mother Black Cap - prog rock - currently gigging around Norwich
Moving Fingers - 80s /early 90s pop outfit signed to Mute Records
Moxy Garbanzo - Balkan, Klezmer and Eastern European dance music and a few self-penned songs in a similar vein
Mr Buss - Rock covers from the 60s, 70s and 80s
The Mustard Bandits
Mutley and the dogs - punk
My visor - difficult to describe - indie - melodic - thought provoking - lovely
Naked Dave - blend of Ska/Punk/Reggae/Funk/Rock
Ndx - noisy, epic instrumental electro 1 piece from Norwich
The Neutrinos - one of the most exciting new bands of the new millenium (Steve tells me)
The New High - Norwich based indie/rock 'n' roll act with emphasis on sound, style and soul
The new reversal - guitar rock
New York scumhaters - anarcho punks
Nick Allen and The Blues Prophets
Nick Hall - singer song writer and all round musician
Night Train - 9 piece blues soul funk and rock and roll covers band - parties, weddings and gigs around Norwich
The Nivens - retro pop - big in France I'm told
No Frills
The No Nonsense Blues Band
The Nolan Brothers - Circa 1980 - 82. Among others featured Fez (ex Clynics before the Fire Hydrant men)
Norwich City Concert Band - a committed group of woodwind, brass and percussion players
Nuclear Sockets - 1980 ish
O Nechushtan
oil red o - three piece instrumental since 1998
Oil Seed Rape - noisy
One Horse Race
One Vista - a duo formed from the band Vista
The Oppenheimers - signed to Matchbox - 5 piece rock songsters
Orchid fixation - Atmospheric metal
The Ordinaires
Ostracoda - radio friendly yet hard and surly songs your momma wouldn't like
Other Half - they like creating a din together
The Ouagadougous
Our Last Hero
Outathablues - reflecting the history and diversity of the blues
Overreal - Currently actively gigging around Norwich
The Painkillers - Dark, erudite and moody sub-punk guitar thrashers
Palo Alto
Paparazzi - (1990 - 1993)
The Papertiger sound - Transatlantic indie electronica - and very lovely
The Passengers - retro pop - later to transform into the Nivens
The Passing Clouds - formed around 1991, becoming name to Fiel Garvie a couple of years later. Wilde Club regulars.
Pearl - finely crafted indie with a sharp edge and acoustic slant - formed 2003
Penguins Go Pop
People Connection
The Peppermint men - sixties showband including members who played in the sixties - that's authentic!
The Persuaders - Acid-Jazz outfit, 1993 - 1995. Several members now play as Speedometer.
Pet Hates
The Phantom Cowboys
Pit - early 1990s grunge guitars with a sense of humour
The Pitkins
The Pits - late 70s early 80s punk - featured on the Crass compilation "Bullshit Detector"
Plan Nine - Beccles based and up and coming. Rock and roll!
Planet Neil - Post-punk electronic pop
The Plastic Sandwiches
PMT - all girl punk outfit
Poacher - 70s
Popfish - 1987-1989 played Premesis, Labour club, Festival House, Jacquard...
Popular Voice
Preacher - Early eighties Heavy metal act.
Products of the Entity - classic hip hop supported Ice T, HiJack etc..
Profane - New metal outfit
Project Mork - a bit like NOFX or Red Hot Chilli Peppers or something completely different
The Proposition - a very English take on acoustic-Americana
Protective Measures
Punch the vicar - fab all-girl pop/ska/punkettes from Yarmouth
Pure Passion
The Rachel Papers - early 90s regulars at NAC and supported Pulp at the Waterfront
The Railway Children
Rake the shingle - Traditional Ceilidh band from Norfolk
Ranata Spirit
Rasputin and His Mad Monks
Raw deal - 70s
Rawkas - 595 gigs in 5 years
Ray Speedway and the devils of pace
Razor Sharp - covers
Real - prog rock
Real Universal
Rebel Truce
Red Harvest - prolific in the eighties
Red Leaf - rock / indie / alternative
Red Shift
Red Star Belgrade
The Redbirds
The Reindeers
Rek - female fronted riot rock punks from the wilds of Harleston
Repressed Desire - fast growing Metal act
The Restless Spirits - punkabilly from North Walsham
Reviver - melodic rock/AOR covers
Revulsion - anarcho punks
The Rezistors - indie punk band
The Right Hand Lovers - circa 1976 and featured Paul Whitehouse (yes that one)
Rigo Jancsi - Foot-stomping, energetic, alternative indie
Rigormortis - mid 80s
The Rising - cool sounding, free flowing indie
The Rizlas
Rockastella - pop/punk
The Rockingbirds - ok - not strictly a Norwich band but half the line up (Hackett, Sean & Patrick ) all had a rich Norwich musical heritage
Rogues Gallery
Roko - early 80s covers band and forerunner to spacerock themed band Ground Zero
Ronnie Can You Hear Me? - Hilarious video - nice song too - Farmers Boys spin off
Le Rouge et le Noir - 80s electronic dance complete with dancers
Route 66 - allegedly played at the opening of the City wall
Ruby Flipper - Wilde Club Faves - featured Steve Little, had a Wilde Club single called Tiger Rider
Running Dogs
Rush Me Under
Saigon - late 80s early 90s
Saigon Kiss - sleazy-trash-metal punk band,formed late 2003
The Saxophonics - young and groovy sax outfit from Fakenham
Scarlet - Promising early 1990s indie
Scratch the cat
Screen Three - gorgeous poignant pop with soulful brass section
Semtex - early 80's UK sound and no faffing, 2 minutes per song full on hard core aggression
Serious Drinking
Serious Risk - 80's - 90's Rock / Blues
Sevenate9 - fourpiece Ska-punk band from Norwich
Sevendaystory - melodic punk rock with an edge
Sex Und Metall
Shake The Nation - Nick Nation is back and he's on myspace. Be afraid...
Shakeout - quality psychobilly from Norfolk
SHE/SEZ - female-fronted modern pop/rock covers with an edge
The Sherbs
Shift - mid 90s three piece with drum machine
Silent Noise
Sink Ya Teeth - infectious punk/funk
Sittin' Pretty - 1980s heavy melodic rock
Skintight Jaguars - rock - all from Norwich but now lurking in London. Formerly Sneaking Fog
Sleep arena - four piece post-grunge from Norwich
Slinky Minx - later renamed to Angel (1996-1997)
Sloe Gin - Guitar pop/rock
Sneakin' Suspicion
The Snords
The Snords - archetypal 1980s bedroom band
So excited - professional and slick covers band
Solitude (aka Solitude in Numbers) - rock covers and original material on the way
Sonic City Rocker Squad
Sons of the east
Sooner - blues flavoured rock covers
Soul Traders
Norwich band Souled Out
Speckled Jim - eccentric rock covers
Spidermilk - Multi instrumental, experimental folky types
Spike - original indie rock and covers
Spine Wrench
The Spinning Jennies
Spiny Norman - mid 70s - did more support gigs for big name acts at West Runton Pavilion than any other band
Splendid Lieutenant - 4 piece Ska/punk/reggae/funk band from Sheringham
The Splendids - indie rock - eventually sounded like Red Hot Chillis
Spot - tongue-in-cheek, action-packed four piece
Spot The Coyote
Stare - back together with an album out
The Starfish - play a variety of punk and rock
Starfish - not to be confused with The Starfish
Starpill - Indie song smiths, big on tunes and attitude
Steam - mix of rock covers and original material, currently gigging around Norfolk
Steerpike - early 90s indie 5 piece
The Steptones - Skacore
The Stingrays - late 1970s / early 80s
Straight Furrow - first CD - Get Your Breath Back - released June 2002
The Streamlines - mid 80s rockabilly/psychobilly
Stripes - 1984-1989 Heavy metal/rock covers band featured Butty on drums, later with floating greyhounds.
Stylophone Skinny
The Stylotones - Ska and 2Tone covers band
SuperNoiseGod - ex subvert members move in a new direction to create a sound from the gods, fun and also very evil
Sweaty Leicester Blues Band
Sweet and Innocent
The SweetBeats - rocksteady ska superstars
Swiss Miss - punk/emo
System - Mid seventies Rock band
The Tall Boys - new romantic meets rock 'n roll around 1981/83
Tattooed lies - formed mid 90s and currently gigging
The Tealeaves - Psychedelia, funk, electropop
Teknikov - gratifying, beautiful, crazy keyboard-clashing indie
Tellus Effluentia - post-metal doom sludge
TenEx - rock - formerly Ten Times Fast. Website under construction.
Tesco Deaf - surrealist art pop
Testcard F - promising, pioneering electronic pop pundits pipped at the post
Then kame silence - five Norwich based guys with backgrounds ranging from funk rock to underground death metal
This machine
Thomas and the Tank Engines
Louise and David Thompson
Those Silly Vicars
Throb - classic and glam rock covers
Time and Mercy - Bluegrass with feet moving rhythms
The Toads
Toke - Zappa meets Faith No More (88-92)
Ton Ton Taboo
The Tower
Toxic Frequency
Trees Lounge Project - nu-jazz, modern soul, funk, fusion
Tribe of Ssenkrad
The Turkey Molesters
Tweeky's Wind
Twelfth Century Drawing machine
Twisted Routes - Acoustic folk / roots
The Uh Ohs - Norwich disco punk mayhem
The UH OHs - heavy pop 3 piece from Norwich - debut single 'CHEAT-CHEATER!' out in September 2008 on NRone Records
Ulterior Motive - 1979/80 punk
Undercover - 1998-1990
Underground Zero - Rock
Unity Series - 2 blokes, an echo pedal and an ironing board
The UnScene GaGas
The Unsung Heroes - up and coming band with CD out May 2005
Vampire - Festival house favourites in mid eighties - heavy metal
Vegas Fame Index - garage influenced indie-rock'n'roll
The Veil - Norwich rock band
La Ville ordinaire - early 80s forerunner to The ordinaires
Violet Violet - shouty, catch all girl punk - formed 2003
Virtually Fat Freez
Vista - stonkingly good electro pop with that most rare quality - a decent tune
The Vital Disorders
War party - Great Yarmouth/Gorleston area
Dick Welsby
White water
Who's The Band
Wiley Fox - metal band - typical of the Festival House in the late 80s
Willowspin - folk and ceilidh from the Norfolk Broads
The Window Test
Lisa Wolfe
Yellow Alert - turn of the millenium powerpop trio
Yoghurt Belly
Your Loss - innovative and retrospective rock, since 2001
Zeus - innovative British dark metal band
Zilch - quirky new wave early popsters from the early 80s
Zorro - probably the most well known rock band to come out of Norwich in the late '70s.

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